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The Place Where Pets are Family!

Who better to groom your pet than people who not only own pets but have great experience grooming, training, and even rescuing them? For us grooming is more than just cleaning up your pet and making them look nice. We understand that grooming is part of socializing your pet and we make certain the experience is positive We regard each pet as an individual and cater to their specific needs. On our daily grooming adventures we encounter a broad range of pets: there is the young puppy being groomed for the first time; the senior cat that has never been groomed before; the dogs on a regular schedule who wholly cooperate and enjoy the experience; or even the older dog who can't walk who we carry from the owner's living room up into our van.

Mobile groomer transformed the grooming experience for both pets and people everywhere. What used to be a stressful day for everyone, and something that literally monopolized the day, has become quick, easy, and most importantly for us, a safe and positive experience. We love being able to provide our service to people and pets who were unable to be groomed at a regular shop for a number of reasons.

Why us?

We believe in making your pet’s grooming experience as good as possible with the goal that overtime your pet becomes more comfortable not just with us but also with you when you want to do maintenance in between grooming appointments. We treat all pets and owners with the upmost respect and will cater to the needs of each individual pet and owner. We encourage wagging tails, purring and all forms of contentment that our animal companions present whether furry, feathered or scaled.

We provide high quality grooming with high quality products, a gentle demeanor and years of experience: a combination that means your treasured pet will truly thank you for the experience. We look forward to the elation that rises in the eyes of our clients when we return a happy, beautifully groomed pet.

We Know your pet is a family member and that’s exactly how we treat them, while making them look and feel their best! Our goal is total satisfaction.